Music – Bernstein’s TV ‘Omnibus’ Appearances, on DVD –

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Leonard Bernstein, foreground, during an episode of “Omnibus” in the 1950s. He made seven appearances on the program, which ran from 1952 to 1961.

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Leonard Bernstein on “Omnibus.” His appearances on the program have been released on DVD.

For 48 minutes, this young conductor — Leonard Bernstein, caught on film in 1955 — brings you into the musician’s world, talking about how tempo, dynamics and phrasing express a conductor’s feelings and beliefs about a piece, and how that expressivity affects a listener’s perception of the music. And he offers you a glimpse of his preparation for a performance.

“Take this opening bar of the Brahms First Symphony,” he says, and then conducts it. “There are 55 notes in it, being played by 100 instruments, and the conductor has to know them all, or he has no right to ascend the podium in the first place. And this is only one bar out of 1,260 in this symphony.”


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Rates on the Rise

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anthem Blue Cross in California announced it would delay the controversial price increases of as much as 39% on individual health insurance policies. Jonathan Cohn, writer for The Treatment blog and senior editor at The New Republic, discusses the Anthem Blue Cross case and the implications nationwide for people who purchase individual health plans.

Do you buy individual health insurance? Have you noticed a significant rate increase this year? Comment below!